Future Things

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Today we come of our final topic in this series; the topic of future things. What is God’s plan for humankind at the end of the age? Is Jesus coming back? If so, when? Where? What’s involved in all of that? And primarily what I want you to realize today is that our sure hope for the future is to impact our living today!!

Revelation Video Series

The Church: God’s Plan

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Seven Truths

  • All People have knowledge of God.
  • All People reject God:
  • All people, including you and me, and the man in the African bush… we have an inherently sinful nature that distorts and plagues our minds and the idolatry that plagues our hearts.
  • All people are Guilty before God:
  • All people regardless, of religious, cultural, or ethnic background, stand guilty before God.
  • You can’t earn salvation:
  • God has made a way of salvation for the lost

Is there anywhere in this plan that it can break down? Yes… As David Platte says “ There is only one potential breakdown in this progression when the servants of God do not preach the gospel to all peoples.” You believer… are God’s plan. I am God’s plan… We are God’s plan… The Church is God’s plan!!! There is no other plan for bringing the gospel message to all peoples. As Christ stated to the Church before he ascended,

Salvation- Christianity’s distinctive difference

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Today we get to splash around in the refreshing truths of salvation—which is our rescue and deliverance from the nasty power and consequences of sin. PLEASE REALIZE, this week is crucial! This week sets Christianity apart from every other world religion and worldview.

Is sin really that bad?

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Today folks, I have to tell you some things that are not going to be comfortable for you to hear. Some sermons are fun to share with you. This isn’t one of them. Today I need to take you into a very sober place. There are two things that people, though we all face these two things literally everyday, we really don’t like to think about or talk about. And today I have to invite you to think about both of these. Today we have to talk honestly and authentically about sin and death.

What Is Man?

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The writer of Psalm 8 asks God this question, “What is man that you are mindful of him?”
Today I want to address that question: What is man? What are his origins, his make up, and his purpose?

Here’s why it’s worth it to talk about these questions. What you believe about these things significantly influences what you think and how you feel about yourself. It impacts how you live out your life, and how you prepare for your future. How you answer these questions matters because what you think and feel about others, which translates into how you treat others. What is man and why is man are significant questions.

God’s Special Agents: ANGELS

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There are many ideas and beliefs about angels in our culture. There are questions about they’re abilities and powers, their presence or non-presence in our lives, our relationship to angels and many others. This morning, I’d like to spend some time clarifying and going over the truths that Scripture gives us in regards to these beings.

Getting To Know The Trinity

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This morning we continue our summer series title Anchored: Twelve Truths to steady your soul.  Today is actually the 6th Sunday of the series so we are almost half way through.  That means Summer is practically over isn’t it?  Over the last few weeks we have talked about God as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and today we are going to talk about all three of them as members of the Trinity.

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit Part 2

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Today I want to talk about how we can learn to increase our ability to cooperate with this transformational power at work in us. It starts with discerning when the Holy Spirit is speaking to us. Last week I invited you to take a few moments each morning and focus your mind on the reality of the presence and work of the Spirit in and around you. Before we can learn to follow the Spirit, we have to learn to listen to the Spirit and recognize his voice and promptings.