We believe that neither culture nor circumstance will ever fully define today’s kids.
Instead, their worldview will be shaped and their paths chosen by how well they come
to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ.

Awana offers kids, ages preschool thru high school, the opportunity to participate in Bible study clubs that are age-appropriate and spiritually engaging.

Awana offers adults and youth the opportunity to serve. We believe that God has placed our volunteers in a unique position to change the world by leading kids and youth in their church, family and community to know, love and serve Jesus. We are committed to helping our volunteers grow in Christ-likeness and develop ministry skills to serve the young people in their care.


The goal of Awana is to provide help and support to parents seeking to develop spiritually strong children and youth who faithfully follow Jesus Christ for life.

Awana cannot replace the parent’s role as primary spiritual teacher. Club simply provides parents with guidance and support. You are the teacher and your child’s handbook can be used as your curriculum for teaching them about God and His Word. Club nights act as reinforcement to the work you are doing at home and give your child the opportunity to demonstrate, and be rewarded for, what they’ve learned with you each week.

Many parents feel intimidated by this task. Be assured that the same God who created the universe and everything in it will equip you. Just taking 10 minutes each day to help your child with their handbook is huge!

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(For the sake of brevity, please understand our meaning of ‘parent’ to include any person who has accepted the responsibility of the parental role and serves as the primary caretaker of a minor.)


Planning for the 2017-2018 club year is underway!  Calendar coming soon.


No ‘BARF’ing in September. We need a few club nights to get organized and allow our Leaders time to get to know the kids in their small group.

A couple nights each year are set aside as ‘BARF’ (Bring A Real Friend) Nights. Your child is encouraged to bring a friend to check out Awana, but it doesn’t have to be on BARF nights. Your child can bring a friend any night, October thru April. The friend can visit up to 3 times before officially registering to join. Just have the friend’s family sign & complete the visitor’s form and bring it with them to club.

Club Visitor Form


Some colleges offer scholarships to those who’ve reached various levels of achievement within the Awana curriculum.

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There are no upcoming events at this time.